Certified Organic Fresh Cut Herbs and Flowers

                             Welcome to Windstone Farm

   Here at Windstone Farm we specialize in growing certified organic culinary herbs and fresh cut flowers. We are located in the town of Williston on the old Christmas Farm which dates back to the 1840’s. We grow a wide variety of culinary herbs which include basil,cilantro, chives,lavender,lovage, tarragon, sorrel, thyme, and sage to name a few. Check out our complete listing on the herb page and find out how to incorporate them into your every day cooking on our recipe page.We also have members of the allium family such as garlic, leeks, shallots, scallions and onions.
   Our cut flowers come in what we call a “cottage bouquet” which depending on the season varies with our many familiar and unique varieties of flowers.
   Our herbs and flowers will be available at the Five Corners Farmers Market in Essex, Health Living, City Market, Natural Provisions and Sweet Clover Market.I also sell seven  different varieties of pesto(Sweet,Thai,Purple,Lemon,Pistou,Cilantro,Garlic Scape) at the Five Corners Farmers Market.Come by for a free sample and pick you favorite.
   We are members of NOFA VT  and Vt Fresh Network supporting their passion for supplying high quality local organic produce. We are committed to providing the freshest product to our friends, family and local community members to promote a healthy lifestyle for all.
   We all need to have some fresh herbs to help rejuvenate our menus and fresh flowers to brighten up our homes. So treat yourself to some locally grown herbs and flowers today!

                  For more  information call  802-878-3953 or
                         Email tgmarron@comcast.net